Champions of the Flyway 2018 – Award winners and final standings

The dust has not yet settled from the most impressive Champions of the Flyway campaign to date. Birders are still recovering from long days in the field, some heading home and others getting in some last hours of birding in Israel.

On March 26th, 32 teams of birders from 14 nations took to the field for an amazing 24 hours of birding and adrenaline, tallying over 240 species of birds! The race was amazing as usual and we will share the results shortly but most important is the fact that the fundraising for Champions of the Flyway 2018 was the strongest and most productive ever!

The teams managed to raise $100,000 for conservation! Money that will be split between the Birdlife partners in Serbia and Croatia, for projects tackling the illegal trapping and hunting of birds on migration!

Congratulations to the 2018 Champions of the Flyway award winners!

  • The Champions of the Flyway:

The Birding Ecotours World Youth Birders (John Kinghorn, Toni Geddes, Jean-michel Blake and James Shergold) – with a whopping 186 species! ( a new race record)

  • The Guardians of the Flyway:

The Zeiss Yorkshire Terriers (Mark James Pearson, Darren Woodhead, Jono Leadly and Rich Baines) raised over $28,000 for the project, an unbelievable fundraising record!

  • Israeli Guardians of the Flyway:

Team Spectacled (s) (Ori Davidor, Asaf Leurer, Dvir Rudniki, Klil Zaitlin) 

  • Knights of the Flyway:

The Leica Welsh Red Kites (Alan Davies, Arfon Williams, Marc Hughes, Robin Sandham, Rob Jones)

Champions of the Flyway 2018 – Top 10

  1. Birding Ecotours World Youth Birders – 186 species
  2. The Little Bastards – 183 species
  3. The Palestine Sunbirders – 181 species
  4. The Holy Chickens – 170 species
  5. JBO/Manomet Rocking Redstarts – 169 species
  6. Team Spectacled – 163 species
  7. Zeiss Rockjumpers – 161 species
  8. Birdingtours Hoopoes – 160 species Tied with Maltese Falcons – 160
  9. Leica Welsh Red Kites – 159 species
  10. Leica Cape May American Dippers – 155 species