The Black-winged Kites

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We are the Agamon Hula KKL Avian research center team, but you can either call us the Black-winged Kites or just give us the trophy…

Ok, seriously…..

We are five people who work and volunteer at Agamon Hula KKL – which is definitely the best birding spot in israel, but let’s try to talk about the team if we can.

In a year which focuses on conserving Steppe Eagles, we decided to choose another raptor species as our team symbol – the Black-winged Kite – no doubt one of the most amazing birds we have in Israel. Why did we choose this species ? A second and we are getting there. What can we say, our group shares so much with this bird:

1. Just like this species, all members of the group can be seen all over the country, but flourish at Agamon Hula KKL which is the perfect place for them, a fact which is more than understandable: with small green islands, a sun that is red as this kites eyes, and plenty of food (for us to (; ), we have reached heaven…
2. Adults are fun-loving birds, beautiful but might as well be silly, and juveniles are all over the place…

We dedicate our daily lives to bird study, monitoring, research, conservation and rehabilitation, taking part in the Champions of the Flyway is as in our nature! And now back to the important issue here – the Steppe Eagles: each year we see them fly over the Agamon, sometimes in dozens, sometimes just a few and maybe if we’re lucky enough, we see a few hundreds of them. A few even winter at the Agamon.
We ask YOU, as someone who understands the beauty and the magic of this bird, to donate for our group – for the eagles!

Meet the Team:

Nitay Haiun aka hyperactive BWK

My name is Nitay Haiun, I’m 18 years old. I started birding 8 years ago and from then onwards I just can’t get enough (some would say it’s an obsession). This year I’m volunteering in the most beautiful place for birds in the world – Agamon Hula KKL!
After winning last year, this year I’m here to enjoy this important race and to help to raise money for the beautiful Steppe Eagles!

Tsvi Hertz aka silent but accurate BWK

My name is Tsvi Hertz and I am 19 years old. I live in Ma’alot, which is in the western Galilee. I’ve been watching birds since I was nine years old. My favorite places for birding are the Hula Valley, The Jordan Valley, the Negev and the Arava. My favorite activity is trips around the country, watching and photographing birds. I took part in the 2016 race and I am glad I can do it again this year.

Asaf Leurer aka wisdom BWK

Im 18 years old and live in northen israel.
Ever since I was a child, I loved birds.
At the age of 12 i got my first pair of binoculars, which is what made me the birder I’m today.
I have a ringing license and currently volunteer at the hula agamon – one of the best birding places in israel.

This year’s going to be my sixth time participating COTF and I am more excited than ever!

Alon Yaari aka cry baby BWK

My name is Alon Yaari, Im 19 yo from Kibbutz Gaash. I’ve been birding since I was just a little kid, and since then my love for the subject has only gotten bigger. I currently serve in the army as a soldier in the artillery corps, although I got injured in the second week of training, so I’ll probably get dropped from that role, but it’s not like I was fit enough to be there anyways. I’ve volunteered in the Agamon Hula avian research centre for a year and a half with these other fatsoes that are in my team. I hope that we’ll win this year but I’m also concerned Shai will fall asleep while driving and we won’t be able to make it to the ceremony. Anyways, good luck to everyone and have a wonderful event.

Shai Agmon aka dirty old BWK

I’m Shai, I manage the Agamon Hula Avian Research Center, which means I have to suffer these hooligans daily…
I have been a birder since I was 2 yo (3cy…) and have been celebrating my 26 birthday for 20 years in a row. In 2014 I led the wining Israeli team on the first COTF, and would have gladly kept to my hall of fame retirment, but the kids say it’s going to be fun and that they will buy me some ice cream in Yotvata…