Swarovski Jordan Valley Black Storks

Flyway 2020_Page_1The Jordan Valley Black Storks are the official Champions of the Flyway team of the Jordan Valley Birding Center.
Our bird watching center is located in Kfar Ruppin on the Great Rift Valley. The Valley is considered one of the most important migratory routes in the world and is recognised globally as a very important area for birds.
All of this makes our center unique and extremely important, for nature conservation, regional cooperation, and ecotourism.
The Jordan Valley Black Storks are very excited to contribute to the conservation of Steppe Eagles that are in serious danger of extinction.
We hope to assist through creating awareness of the importance of nature conservation and aim to help by fundraising.

No less importantly, we will race with great vigor and high spirits and enjoy the birding – and hope to be of assistance to all the other teams! Good luck to all the teams, and especially the eagles…..

Meet the Team:

Tuvia Kahn

Tuvia (38) lives in Kibbutz Ein Harod, he is married and has two beautiful children. He started noticing the birds at a very young age, and soon after started birding and has never stopped since! Tuvia enjoys going out birding at any given opportunity, as a hobby as well as a profession. Today Tuvia is the leading Birdwatcher and guide at the Jordan Valley Birding Center in Kfar Ruppin.

Uri Kaufman

62 years old, living in Ra’anana, father of three children and grandfather of five grandchildren, In a relationship with Dorit Livni of Moshav Zofar in the Arava. Professional software systems manager in retirement.

I acquired the love of nature and birds during my childhood in Ramat Gan in the area of what is today called Hayarkon Park in Eastern Tel Aviv.
Over the years it has become a bit of nature and bird photography and today I have more time I try to combine both. During the photography process, you can learn about the birds’ habits, listen to their special calls and fall in love with them. I hope that in the future birding will be an even bigger part of my life.

Eldad Maymon

I’m 50 years old and married to Anat. We have three children and we live in Binyamina. I’m a nature lover. I started birding a few years ago after a birding workshop in Kfar-Rupin.

Uri Arad

Born in 1981, living in the beautiful village of Yodfat in the Galilee with my wife. I Love People, birds, plants, mammals and anything that is alive.
Founder of Bird Language Israel, and Founder of Avnei Derech – primitive skills gatherings in Israel.