The Knightjars of the Round Table

Knightjars logoOur team is a combination of young birdwatchers from different areas in Israel with a special love of the desert!
We all love the natural treasures that we have here, especially our amazing birds – the jewel in the crown of Israeli nature, and what unites us into this group (and to this Table) – The Knightjars Of The Round Table!

This year, the main project of the COTF is the Steppe Eagles.

Please donate us, as much as you can, to save this huge eagles in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan!

See you at the race!

Meet the Team:

Nitay “King European Arthur” Haiun

My name is Nitay Haiun, I’m 18 years old. I started birding 8 years ago and from then onwards I just can’t get enough (some would say it’s an obsession 🙂 )
This year I’m volunteering in the most beautiful place for birds in the world – Agamon Hula KKL!
After winning last year, this year I’m here to enjoy this important race and to help to raise money for the beautiful Steppe Eagles!

Amit “Sir Nubian Lancelot” Goldstein

My name is Amit Goldstein and I’m 17 years old from Haifa
I’ve been birding since I was 7 years old.
It’s the third time I’m participating in this competition hoping to raise as much money as we can for this important goal, and of course we will all enjoy it while doing that.

Amit “Sir Pennant Winged Galahad” Sadeh

Amit Sadeh, 17 years old, birding for 8 years. This will be my third COTF race.I love birding very much – birding alone, with my father, with friends.
I participated in the SPNI youth birding club for years and am still involved in ringing activities.
I love everything related to birds and that’s why I feel obligated to participate in this amazing project of COTF. I hope we will succeed in raising money to help save Steppe Eagles.

Uri “Sir Egyptian Percivale” Stoffman

My name is Uri Stoffman and I am 16.5 years old from Tel Aviv. I’ve loved birds and nature from a very early age, and at age 10 I joined to Tel Aviv region youth birding group with the maestros Yuval Dax and Tzoor Magen, who took us to the great birding sites in the Metropolitan area. There I was quickly hooked on the amazing world of birds.

My favourite birds are Hawfinch, Long Eared Owl and Golden Eagle. The last one would be a lifer for me and I really want to see one of the last ones we have in Israel, during the race. I am competing in order to save our birds, and also to have a great birding experience. BTW it will be nice to win:)