Team Monticola

RD2A0819-2Team Monticola – The Israeli Nature Photography Association

We are all wildlife photographers and members of the Israeli Nature Photography Association. This is our third year taking part in the Champions of the Flyway race as we want to be part of the conservation efforts of nature and wildlife in Israel and around the world. We hope that more photographers from the association will participate in this wonderful project. We encourage all our followers to donate to help the Steppe Eagles on their breeding grounds!

Meet the Team:

Moshe Cohen

Age 58, a member of Kibbutz Hatzor, married to Adi and a father to Omer and Oren. A nature lover from an early age. In the last ten years I have been seriously engaged in the hobby of nature photography. A board member of the Israeli Nature Photography Association.

Gad Shmila

Born in Safed, age 52, married with three children, resident of Zur Yigal. I completed my bachelor’s degree in biology at Bar-Ilan, and after graduation I turned to a parallel love, carpentry. I am the founder and manager of Venga kitchens. In my spare time I mostly photographs birds. A board member of the Israeli Nature Photography Association

Amir Ayalon

Married to Sharona, and father to Shahar and Maayan, I have been passionate about wildlife , particularly birds and conservation all my life. I first became aware of birds at the age of eight, spending much of my childhood exploring nature just outside my backyard.
I was fascinated by birds, and especially  (as many kids are) with birds of prey. I remember sending letters to Har Gilo center for the study of birds of prey, eagerly waiting their response – who never failed to arrive. letters packed with beautiful photographs which inspired my imagination and fuel my love for birds.

Nature conservation and especially the protection of birds have always been close to my heart. I began birds photography 13 years ago, and 9 years ago founded the Israeli Nature Photography Association. The Association, a non profit organization was founded to promote nature photography in Israel, to help conserve and preserve the diverse natural ecosystems, to play an active role in Conservation Projects in Israel and to educate others interested in nature and wildlife photography.

For us, it is a privilege and an honor to take part in Champions of the Flyway.