The Champions of the Flyway project is back and we are proud to continue waving the flag of bird conservation along the Flyways. Following a great campaign in 2016 in which we raised over $80,000 for projects tackling the illegal killing and trapping of birds in Greece and for projects in Israel, we are happy to team up with Doğa Derneği (Birdlife Turkey) to try and tackle some of the burning issues on the ground in Turkey.

Following a successful fundraising campaign we will once again assemble in Eilat in late March 2017 to race for the Champions of the Flyway crown. The race itself will take place on Tuesday March 28th 2017 and the awards ceremony will take place the following morning. We are excited to welcome many new teams and followers and are grateful for the continuing (and growing) support of our sponsors.

The Champions of the Flyway lineup of events has become one of the key factors for publicity and awareness for the project. The power of many like-minded people coming together at the heart of the Flyway is immense and carries a very long way.

Right now, our birding teams from all over the world are staging their strategy so that they may win one of three coveted titles:

  • Champions of the Flyway: Awarded to the team that records the most species in 24 hours.
  • Guardians of the Flyway: Awarded to the team that generates the most funding for this year’s conservation action project: stopping the illegal killing of birds in Greece.
  • Knights of the Flyway:  Awarded to the team which does the most to promote the cause and helps others to see the most birds and get the most enjoyment out of the event.

Below is the lineup of events for the 2017 COTF race. Teams registering for the race are expected to be present at these events to ensure the success and volume of the project. Follow the race live on Facebook and Twitter.

Download 2017 Champions event itinerary.

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Champions of the Flyway 2017 – Event Itinerary

23th – 24th MarchArrival of teams to Eilat. All teams (or most team members) must aim to be in Eilat no later than March 24th.
24th MarchTeam Scouting Begins – Optional. Led by Israel’s top birders. A full day of touring the best sites in the Negev and the Arava Valley enabling participants to get a good feel of the “playing field” and practical and logistical issues. Join Hadoram Shirihai, Jonathan Meyrav and the Eilat Birds Festival groups exploring the playing field. Teams may choose to do their own scouting as well.
25th March – 19:00 COTF meets “Artists for Nature Foundation” event , as part of the joint Israeli-Jordanian project, Bringing the Dead Sea Back to Life. In this special COTF opening event we will host the artists for nature foundation artists and enjoy an exhibition of sketches from the Artists for Nature trip. The event will include several speakers, a logistical briefing towards the race and more. Sponsored by LEICA. LEICA Logo
26th March – 20:00COTF opening dinner at the Eilat Birdwatching Park – Hosted by ZEISS .
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28th March00:01: The race begins
19:00: The finish line opens.
23:59: The finish line closes.
29th MarchChampions of the Flyway awards ceremony and closing event at the Hilton Hotel.

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Champions of the Flyway – Race Playing Field