The Blackcaps

לוגו שחורי כיפהAs a group, we met at a Jewish Orthodox high school yeshiva in Beitar, There we got the idea to set up a Jewish Orthodox group for Champions of the Flyway and although one of us (Moshe Singer) has already completed his studies and we meet only once a week, the idea took shape and here is the first Jewish Orthodox group in the race – The Blackcaps!!

Our purpose as a group is to protect nature. Therefore, our purpose in this race is to raise as much money as possible for the purpose of this year’s competition to keep the African’s vultures from extinction. Think about it – apart from the fact that the vultures are very impressive birds, they are also natural cleaners who purify nature of polluted animal carcasses that can spread disease and harm people and they do their work faithfully! Nobody can do what they do. And they are in danger of extinction! So please help us to keep them (and realizing our purpose) and donate to our group…

Our secondary purpose in the race is to try to connect the Orthodox Jewish community to activities for nature. In addition, during the race we will ride with bicycles so as not to pollute air (logic says that during a race to protect nature then nature should be protected as much as possible).

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Meet the Team:

Moshe Zinger

Age: 19. Personal purpose in the race: improve the senses of bird watching in the field. Hobbies in nature: birds, plants, geology.

From a young age I was a nature lover and I read every encyclopedia I got, and until six years ago I was mostly involved in plants and then somehow drifted to birdwatching. Protecting nature is my first priority, so it hurts me that the Orthodox Jewish public does not know enough about protecting nature, and I hope that our group will open a new era in which Orthodox Jews are involved in nature protection activities. My activity for the protection of nature is volunteering at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

Levi Yitzhak (Levitz) Gross

Age: 15. Personal purpose in the race: Enjoy 24 hours of bird watching. Hobbies in nature: birds, insects, mammals.

For years I’ve been a nature lover, especially insects and mammals, and two years ago I suddenly became a birdwatcher (how did it happen?!), and instead of walking around with eyes to the ground in search of insects, I no do so with my eyes to the skies in search of birds. I hope that our group will bring the importance of protecting nature to the Orthodox Jewish public. My activity for the protection of nature is volunteering at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

Moishy Glazer

Age: 16. Personal purpose in the race: add more species to my species list. Hobbies in Nature: Birds!

I began to be exposed to nature ever since I went out with my family (all professional bikers) on bike trips, when I always felt connected to nature and I wanted to learn more. This desire came true about a year and a half ago when I met Levitz and Moshe I joined them immediately and became a birdwatcher. I hope that following our group, more Orthodox Jews will join the community of birdwatcher and nature lovers. My activity for the protection of nature is volunteering at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.

Ron Faibish

Age: 22. Personal purpose in the race: To experience a bird watching competition. Hobbies in nature: birds, mammals.
From a young age I used to travel with my family in the nature. When I was ten years old I become a birdwatcher and when I was thirteen I started my training as a bird ringer. Since then i have been voluntarily helping for bird ringing projects. Most of those projects were created in order to preserve nature. Moreover, during the last years I have helped Moshe and other Orthodox Jews with their training as bird ringers. I hope that this would be a sign for more new Orthodox Jews who will be involved in nature conservation projects. My activity for the protection of nature is working at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.