The Buntings

black headed bunting tel fares222019 will be the third year we’ve taken part in Champions of the Flyway – we love birds and birding and want to help the Vultures of Africa!

Meet the Team:

Lior Kislev

I’m 48 years old, father to two daugthers, I live in Moshav Ramot at the Golan heights, and work as a birding and nature guide.

Ran Marcus

49 years old, single and from Afulla at Izrael valley. I’m a member of the Buntings team for the third time. We’re doing it as a green a green team, so totally on foot! .I’ve been watching birds for 35, and before that it was snakes o but then my spiritual mentor the late rabbi Beyrale Floytserbach (the head of the Tuznits community) encouraged me to become a birder!

Noam Kirshenbaum

Hi, my name is Noam Kirshenbaum, I’m 49 years old and married to Tali, and we have three children. As a child I joined birding activities in Jerusalem so my love for birds and birding goes back few decades. Today I publish pocket guides for the nature in Israel and guide field workshops about animal identification.

Ohad Avraham

Hello my name is Ohad Avraham,
34 years old, married with one child.
I work as an electrician at Mekorot, and I live in Jerusalem but I’m originally from the north of the country. I’ve been in love with nature since I was a child and an amateur birder for four years. I decided to compete in the Champions of the Flyway race this year to raise awareness of nature conservation in Israel and abroad and wish success to everyone.