JBO’s Jerusalem Old Birds

We are three older ladies who enjoy getting outside with a pair of binoculars to admire the flying fauna of our hometown, Jerusalem, and all around Israel.  We are the JOBs of the JBO! 

We thought we would take the opportunity to have a few days off surrounded by warm weather and stunning scenery, as well as see a few great birds.  We don’t expect to win as Champions of the Flyway, but we look forward to a fun day of birding! 

We also passionately care about the birds and support the aim of Champions to stop illegal hunting of migrating birds around the world.  We hope you will support our team in this effort!

Meet the Team:

Naomi Stockwell-Doro

I started birding as a child in the UK , being fascinated by the wonders of birds’ seemingly effortless flight. Over the years I have participated in many of the trips and activities of the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.  My birding activities have had large lapses during the last 40 years in Israel and participating in COTF 2018 may hopefully light the spark again. 

The important conservation project in Croatia/Serbia will help preserve diversity on the Mediterranean Flyway -for the benefit of the next generations -including my new first grandson , named Negev.

Looking forward to seeing new birds and meeting birders from all over the world.

Lvyia Kalisky

Growing up in New England, I watched the bluejays and chickadees on a succession of bird feeders during the snowing winters.  Here in Israel, I came to birding late in life, about 20 years ago.  I was introduced to the world of ornithology as an adult after a hike in the Jerusalem forest when the guide started a conversation with a robin.  I became interested in the Jerusalem Bird Observatory from its earliest days and have volunteered there more and less frequently as work and other activities permit.  I have watched a couple of generations of enthusiastic children become world class ornithologists.  I am not even an amateur birdwatcher, but I love being out of doors and birding with friends is a great way to do it!

Ruthie Schueley

I was born in Switzerland immediately after the Second World War.  My parents say that I was interested in birds from my pram.  At the age of 26 I moved to Israel.  I live in Jerusalem where I worked for 35 years in Jerusalem Hospitals

I got involved in organized birding in Israel with the English speaking birding group at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory.  After I retired 10 years ago I could really get into it.  I I like observing and photographing birds.  When I am not volunteering at the JBO, I can be found volunteering at the Zoo or with Alzheimer’s patients, or hanging out with my cat! This is my first “Champions of the Flyway” but I hope not my last.