The NABU / Nature Tanzania – Afri-Eurasian Bird Saver Champions

The Teams consist of members of NABU, The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, BirdLife International partner in Germany and Nature Tanzania, the BirdLife International partner in Tanzania.
NABU supports Nature Tanzania since 2015 and one of the key projects is to reduce illegal killings of birds in Central Tanzania.
The team aims to draw attention on Illegal Killing of Birds in Africa and Europe alike.
The team members share a lot of experiences in migratory bird conservation. They are well known and accepted as experts in Germany and Tanzania – which will bring a lot of publicity.

Meet the Team:

Emmanuel Mgimwa

Emmanuel Mgimwa is a Tanzanian wildlife ecologist working for Nature Tanzania, the BirdLife International partner in Tanzania. From a young age he’s loved birds and therefore working to conserve birds and their habitats is a mission that fits his passion.
His work includes working with communities including children, the government, the private sector and international partners. Emmanuel is currently studying pollination ecology in the East Usambara Mountains of sunbirds, butterflies and plants in natural forests and farmlands. In the Usambaras he is very much involved in the conservation of the globally threatened Long-billed Forest Warbler.
His work also involves supporting local partners, fellow youths, students, academic institutions and the government in waterbird census, bird research and capacity building among others. He is currently working as an Executive Director of Nature Tanzania and has worked for BirdLife International before.
For three years Nature Tanzania and NABU run a project in Central Tanzania to reduce illegal killing of birds which affects African and Palearctic species alike. 
Emmanuel is looking forward to raising awareness of the flyways for the conservation of migratory birds.

Dr Christoph Zöckler

Dr Christoph Zöckler is a biologist and free-lance consultant on biodiversity for many international NGOs, incl. for the Manfred-Hermsen Foundation (MHS), FFI, IUCN, NABU and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), specialising on wetland and water bird conservation.
He is also currently coordinating the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force on behalf of the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP). Christoph has almost five decades expertise in biodiversity conservation, wetland restoration, protected area gazetting, threat analysis and monitoring with a particular focus on Arctic migratory species and wetlands in Russia, China and SE Asia.

Werner Schröder

Werner Schröder is a biologist with a strong interest in conservation in Africa. Werner travels to East Africa regularly since 1976.
As a volunteer Werner started the Africa work of NABU in 1999 which lead to a NABU International Africa Department of today. Up to date Werner is volunteering for NABU as an East Africa Officer and project coordinator in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia for the protection of Cranes.
Werner initiated the Nature Tanzania/ NABU project to reduce Illegal Killing of Birds in Central Tanzania. Presently resident in Tanzania he puts a lot of efforts in the conservation of the endangered Grey Crowned Crane in Tanzania.
 Werner is currently an Ambassador of Zeiss SportsOptics and provides interesting stories from the field. He wants to share his experiences on how to reduce or stop illegal killing of birds in Central Tanzania and wants to raise more attention on this very serious topic which affects African and Eurasian migratory birds alike.

Thomas Tennhardt

Thomas Tennhardt is a graduated landscape planner and biologist with a keen interest in ornithology and bird conservation. Since 2010 he is Director International and Executive Management Board Member of NABU (The Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union), BirdLife International Partner in Germany.
From 2013 to 2019, he was one of the three Vice Presidents of NABU and had already been an honorary member of the Executive Board since 1995. From 2010 to 2019, he was full-time chairman of the NABU International Nature Conservation Foundation.
Thomas has travelled extensively in natural areas of Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, the Caucasus and Central Asia, where he has led conservation projects. He has significantly supported the designation of UNESCO biosphere reserves and world heritage sites in Central Asia. He has special interest in capacity building of conservation NGOs in East Africa to tackle increasing conservation challenges. 

Thomas looks forward to witness the spectacles of bird migration in Israel and to raise the appeal “Stop Illegal Killing of Birds”.