Team Goldfinches

Goldfinches logoAs in the first two years that we participated in the COTF, the Goldfinch Team is
composed entirely of women and this year for the first time – of Israeli Jews and Israeli Druze women birders.

Like the Goldfinches, we love the open territories. We are prepared to join up
with any and every goldfinch, wherever they may appear. We are actively
protecting the open spaces and biodiversity through education.

Besides all of that–we just love to watch birds!

We are happy that the occasion of the Championship celebration gives all of us
the opportunity to do what we love the most–to protect the birds in their habitat.

Meet the Team:

Khulood Azzam

Khulood is 38 years old with a master’s degree in Geography and Environmental studies.

From a very young age was already looking for birds and insects in the field. The hobby turned into a profession – guiding field trips for students. Over the years her only son also joined the hobby and is trying to identify the birds and tell people about them. Khulood is Director of the SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) Druze and Cherkesian communities and her hand is outstretched to do more for nature and birds with fun and love.

Doris Shaheen-Asakly

32 years old, married and have a fabulous five-year-old son.

Doris got into birding a year ago and it was a love from the first bird. She is currently very active in the field of Ornithology. Doris holds a Master’s degree in science education and communication science from the Technion. In the last five years working in education at the SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel), implementing sustainability programs to teachers in elementary and high schools in the Druze and Arab communities.

Orna Gemmer

After 30+ years, and one experience with a white-tailed eagle hunting a Crane in flight she realized that she is also a birder. Since then birding is her main language, which she communicates with the public and the community at different ages, in different places and in different scales.

In the past eight years, she is saying most of the time “Yes to Bird” coordinating an educational program involving 100 schools in Northern Israel.

Shlomit Lipschitz

Undetermined age, mother of three and grandmother of four. Immigrated from the village to the big city. Only after she heard a Great tit sings (while hanging laundry in fourth-floor) she realized that there are birds in the city and never looked back. The birds and nature in the city became the center of her existence and what she loves most is to count them.