The Safari White-tailed Eagles

This would be the 4th year in which the Zoological Center Tel-Aviv Ramat-Gan’s “The Safari White-tailed Eagles” will be participating in Champions of the Flyway. All other 364 days of the year we practice keeping and conserving a variety of avian species, some critically endangered.

We have chosen the White-tailed Eagle. This magnificent raptor was once a part of the Israeli avifauna, but very few people had the privilege of seeing it soar in the Israeli sky. Like other raptors the White-tailed Eagle had disappeared due to human activity. Today very few birds are left, and they too are a result of a breeding program and great efforts.

The Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan takes part in the Israeli breeding program and makes great efforts so that our breeding pair will parent two chicks every year.

The African open area at the zoo attracts migrating birds and serves as a green safe haven for them to rest, feed and gain strength.

Our Israeli wildlife hospital is a joint initiative with the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority. Over 4000 wild animals, most of them birds, are being treated at the hospital every year. About 45% of them end up being released back to nature.

We believe that the best way to protect nature is a combination of in-situ and ex-situ conservation plus education that increases awareness, love and respect for nature. We are grateful for any support and donation to help this worthy cause!

Meet the Team:

Einat Matalon

עינת מטלון – ראש קבוצה. מנהלת מרפאת הספארי, בשנותיה הרבות בספארי גידלה אינספור גוזלי ציפורי שיר ועופות דורסים .

Einat Matalon manages the Zoo’s clinic. Over the years she has hand reared dozens of chicks from many different species from sunbirds to raptors.

Keren Or

קרן אור – זואולוגית הספארי. אוהבת ציפורים (וגם בעלי אחרים) וחולמת להיות צפרית כשתהיה גדולה.

 The zoo’s zoologist. Loves birds (amongst other animals) and dreams of being a “real birder” when she grows up. 

Lior Luzon

ליאור לוזון – מטפל במחלקת ציפורים, צפר מגיל 0 . עובד כל חייו עם עופות .                         התחיל את דרכו בגן הזואולוגי והמשיך ישירות לספארי.

Works as a keeper in the Avian department at the zoo. A birder from childhood. Started his career at the Zoological garden in Abu-Kabir at a very young age and is working with birds ever since.   

Gillad Goldstein, D.V. M

דר’ גלעד גולדשטיין – אוצר האוסף הזואולוגי בספארי ווטרינר. ניהל בעבר את מחלקת הציפורים. צפר חובב.

Curator at the Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan. A veterinarian. Managed the Avian department at the zoo, and still have a soft spot for birds.