Black Larks

The Black Larks are a team of birders from Kazakhstan and members of the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan, ACBK (BirdLife Partner in Kazakhstan). We are united by common interests — birds and their photography. We are delighted to join the ranks of the participants of this grandiose event #COTF2023 and make an effort to draw attention to the vital problem of the conservation of the Red-breasted Goose. Kazakhstan has the important stopover habitats of this very beautiful bird and we are ready to do our best for their conservation.

Please help us with your donations to save the Red-breasted Goose.

Meet the Team:

Alexey Timoshenko

I’ve been passionate about birds and birdwatching since 2000. My favorite groups of birds are passerines and waterfowl. I  started my career in conservation as a lead specialist for research of Red-breasted Goose and Lesser White-fronted Goose in Northern Kazakhstan. I’m also honoured to be a member of the Goose, Swan and Duck Study Group of Northern Eurasia (RGG). I love to photograph nature and wildlife and promote conservation work such way. From 2011 to this day, I work for ACBK as a lead goose specialist and also a director of the Ecological Park Alty-Sai.

Alexander Putilin

I’ve been involved in birdwatching since I was a student, and it’s still my main hobby to watch and photograph birds and other wildlife. My first conservation project (for six years) was with Sociable Lapwings, lead by ACBK, which how I started my career at this NGO. Because of my work for conservation, I’ve visited many regions of our big country Kazakhstan. The most interesting discovery for me was an observation of the Indian Pond Heron in 2019 (the most northern sighting ever). I had experience of national birding races and always dreamed of international level for birdwatching competitions.

Ruslan Urazaliyev

I was born and raised in the West Kazakhstan region. From early childhood, I have been interested in nature and especially in birds and wildlife. This sincere interest has become the basis for choosing my profession – from 2010 to this day I work for ACBK. I am a scientific researcher and co-ordinator of the Sociable Lapwing Project, as well as co-ordinating and participating in projects directly or indirectly related to birds. The main area of my interest is the steppe and semi-desert bird species and their conservation.

Ivan Zuban

I’m grateful to my father who loved nature and introduced me to many wonderful places when I was a child. Birds are my favorite animals and I’ve been involved in watching and photographing them since 2005. In addition to Kazakhstan, I have observed and photographed birds in Uzbekistan, China, Lithuania and Latvia. My favorite bird groups are Anseriformes and raptors (birds of prey). From 2011 to this day I work in North Kazakhstan State University and engage students for science and conservation.