Go Go Geese

To lose the red-breasted goose would be unpardonable. For it is the finest among geese.”

The words of our friend Nick Acheson in his forthcoming book, The Meaning of Geese. With this in mind, four birders, two from Israel and two from the UK have got together as Go Go Geese, to take part in Champions of the Flyway 2023. We aim to travel the desert, find some birds and most importantly raise some cash for BirdLife International partners in Bulgaria and Kazakhstan, which will allow them to protect these arctic-breeding gems, allowing them to migrate and winter safely. All the teams taking part are aiming towards the same goal, so if you don’t like the look of us, sponsor somebody else. But obviously we would prefer you to sponsor us.

Meet the Team:

Shachar Shalev

I am a New Zealand born birder/ringer living in Eilat, veteran of many Champions of the Flyway races. I manage the Eilat and Arava Facebook group and volunteer at the Eilat Bird Sanctuary spending many hours ringing, surveying and promoting conversation. I have an Italian wife and Israeli daughter, Le’a, who also volunteers at the Eilat Bird Sanctuary. Saving migratory birds is our mission!

Andreea Alena

A nature enthusiast from birth, I’ve been roaming the hills of my hometown in Romania from an early age, exploring wildlife. I’m still doing the same, although the setting is quite different: I live in the south of Israel and I feel that the desert is my home now.
I’ve begun birding seriously only in the last few years, after taking part in the desert birds yearly count, where I understood there is a lot more to birds than having a pretty picture of them. Today I volunteer as much as possible with the projects of Sandgrouse and Houbara (McQueen Bustard) counts.

Deborah Sacks

Having heard tales of previous Champions bird races, I thought it was about time to check it out for myself. Are there really that many birds? Do the crakes really show that well? Is the ice cream at Yotvata really that good? I’m ready to shake off the English winter and raise some funds to help Red-breasted Geese, returning to a country I have known since childhood. There had just better be some Ringed Plovers somewhere.

Mike Dawson

I started nature writing aged 6, got a gold star for my seminal Arrival of the Greenfinch, and promptly gave up. But I have been looking at birds and wildlife ever since, currently living the dream in Norfolk. I was lucky enough to take part in COTF in 2018 and 2019, and I now once more feel the pull of the hummus, despite assuring people last time that I wouldn’t be after their credit cards again. Come on, you can do it for the geese…