The Desert Wheatears

Desert Wheatears 2019For the fifth straight year, our team returns to the race with goals that have not changed much. To help with conservation and raise awareness, to have fun with all the wonderful birds and birders, and despite some past disappointments, we always aim high and try to get as close to the top as possible.

Your generous contributions to the team will be greatly appreciated!

Meet the Team:

Netanel Yarkoni

Founding member and captain of the Desert wheatears, 31 years old, narried with 3 children, lives in Modiin. An experienced and knowledgeable birder, who combines his love for birding in the field with loads of theoretical knowledge about birds in Israel and abroad. That is why he is the team’s chief strategist, as well as our eternal optimist.

Eldad Golan

Another founding member and our man in the desert, Eldad is 50 years old, and lives in Ein Gedi by the Dead sea. Eldad is the irresponsible adult of the team. His birding addiction has become more severe in recent years, so he quit his old daytime job as a chef, and works part time as professional birder, alongside his many other occupations.

Dror Noe

24 years old, single, originally from Mitzpe Hila, lives in Berlin for the past three years, has been a birder ever since he can remember. Dror is the third founding member who will compete with us this year.

He is joining the team in order to have fun and help the conservation efforts, but he is sure the competition will eventually get the best of him. Official position on the team: spotter, and we count on him to spot many birds throughout the race.

Ohad Binyamini

23 years old, tour guide at the S.P.N.I Ofra field school, and has been involved in birding and nature for over ten years, from a very young age.This is Ohad’s first race with the Desert Wheatears, and we are thrilled to have him along… One special hobby that he likes: Couch-birding!