The Little Warblers

Little WarblersThe Little Warblers team want to thank you for your support. We are guarding our migrating birds and facing the challenges!

The Warblers are a new group comprised of students from the Nirim School for Special Education, educational staff and a professional birder, Shuki Cheled. The Nirim School is for students with behavioral and emotional challenges. These are often expressed through avoiding situations which require coping with difficulties, primarily in the academic arena. As a result students often leave the classroom and wander in the hallways or on the school grounds. Understanding that these settings can be used to benefit our students, academically as well as socially, the school staff turned a dream into reality by creating inviting alternative learning setting. Thus, students who have difficulty learning in the traditional classroom are able to be active participants in the adaptive environment. They have an opportunity to face challenges and experience a sense of mastery and success often for the first time.

Birds stir the imagination in every person. Learning about the characteristics of birds can facilitate a deep internal quest, connecting the child to his personal emotional state. This subject allows for learning that can be adapted to each student’s individual needs.

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Meet the Team:

Shuki Cheled

Shuki is 69 years young and lives in Kfar Ma’ash. He is an enthusiastic ornithologist and a sworn lover of nature. Shuki has had a significant impact on the students in Nirim who have developed a love and appreciation of nature through their lessons with him. This will be Shuki’s first time participating in the Race and he is certain to be a major asset and will help our group reach its desired goal.

Arad Dvir

Arad is ten and a half years old and in the 5th grade. He is from Maale Adumim and has been in Nirim for four years. This is his first year on the student council, and he is the president. Arad’s favorite bird is the white-spectacled bulbul, and has done a research project on it. Arad says that there are many things he loves about birds, but what he loves most is the wide variety of colors.

Ofek Lev Yonah

Ofek is ten and a half years old and in the 5th grade. This is his second year in Nirim. Ofek lives in Maskiyot, a small community in the northern Jordan Valley. Ofek’s favorite bird is the white-throated kingfisher, also known as the white-breasted kingfisher which is very common in Asia. He has done a research project on this bird, and he especially likes the bird’s bright colors. This bird is a frequent visitor in our school’s yard.

Kochava Mizrachi

Kochava is 61 years old, mother to one and grandmother to three. She works in the school teaching ornithology and environmental studies. She grew up on a moshava and always felt a deep connection to the land, nature and birds. Over the years her hobby evolved into a profession and she studied horticulture therapy. She has participated in many courses and seminars to expand her knowledge of birds, sharing her love of the subjects with her family, students and community. She is an active member of the environmental protection group in Maale Adumim.

Yael Pe’er

Yael is 31 years old, married and a mother of three young children. She is the art teacher in the school as well as the coordinator of the environmental studies program. She has a BA in art education and is currently completing her MA in art. Four years ago Kochava infected her with the environmental and ornithological “bug” and had since become a leader in this field in the school. She has guided the school on its quest to become recognized as a “green” school, for which Nirim received recognition by the environmental association in May 2018. Yael brings her love of art to the world of nature and birds and encourages her students to explore and connect to the world around them.