Mission of Mercy Birders


Meet the Team:

Shachar Shalev

Local birder from Eilat, volunteer ringer at the IBRCE, admin of the Eilat and Arava Birders Facebook group, father to eight-year-old birding protégé Le’a Shalev. This is our fifth year in the competition and this year we have adopted the Egyptian Vulture in name and heart. It is a migrant and the only vulture left breeding in the Arava region. It is critically endangered as a breeder in Israel and endangered internationally. Its African wintering grounds are key to its survival, as they are to all of Africa’s vultures. Help us help them!

Limor Malul

Local birder from Eilat and herpetologist. Tour Guide and I work with children, introducing them to animals from an early age. As a conservationist and lover of birds, vultures hold a special place in my heart.

Yaniv Basher

Local birder from Kibbutz Samar- dairy farmer by profession these days, my work is best known for the Black Bush Robins breeding beside the milking sheds! Samar in the heart of the Arava is a great birding site with many birds coming into my backyard. As an avid birder and lover of nature I’m proud to take part in the race and do my part to help the vultures.

Robin Maares

Since January Robin has stayed in Eilat, volunteering at the bird sanctuary. Back home in Germany he studies landscape ecology in Muenster and does lots of monitoring of breeding birds and migration counts. He’s also very committed to his local bird watcher club. Birdwatching became a big part of his life when he was a teenager. As the only non-local birder he joins the team not just to lower the average age, but as a local expert of the Eilat region after being there since January.