Safari Vultures

As a group of friends and guides from the Safari zoo in Ramat-gan, we believe in education as the proper way to preserve nature. But, also, not only 🙂 this race allows us to raise money and use it towards nature conservation around the world and in Israel. We wish to act together and utilize the many avenues we have to raise funds. From education at our jobs, using the animals Youtube channel we opened and through our effort to raise donations towards the Central Asian Steppe Eagles project. We are bird enthusiasts and we are here to Raven about it, to enjoy the flight, learn, and develop for the future.

הנשרים מהספארי בלי ציפורים

Meet the Team:

Arielle Barouch

A biology and computer science student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I work as a guide in the “Safari Ramat Gan” zoo. I Started birding while working in agriculture in the magical Beit Shean Valley.

Adi Bar

A graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture in rehovot, I work as a guide in the “Safari Ramat Gan” zoo. Before that I worked as as a tourist guide for the “Society for the Protection of Nature” in northern Israel. I entered birding world following my work in the birding station at “Rosh Zippor” Park in Tel Aviv.

Daniela Segal

Hi! My name is Daniela, I work as an animal care-taker and a guide at the Safari zoo in Ramat-gan. I became really egg-cited about birds during my biology studies and quickly fell in love. If you try to challenge me, remember, tou-can play the game.

Or Moshe

I work as a guide for the Safari Ramat Gan zoo and at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory of the Society for the Protection of Nature. I am an environmental activist, always protecting the nature in Israel. I started birding during my volunteering year with the SPNI, after my formal education at school, and never looked back!