Meet the Team:

Iris Hann

Iris Hann is the CEO of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Iris is an environmental planner and a lawyer, and an entrepreneurial leader and a longtime, senior voice in the environmental movement. Hann began her career at SPNI in a junior position, a teacher-soldier in the Shikmim Field School.

For more than a decade Hann rose in the ranks of SPNI, with responsibilities that ranged from environmental education to environmental planner in the Nature Preservation Division. Hann holds an MA in urban and regional planning and a law degree from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Hann is the first woman to hold the position of CEO since the establishment of SPNI.

Hann worked as an environmental planner and lawyer in civil society organization, in the private sector and in the public sector, where she served as Acting Head of the Planning Division in the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Hann has lectured in colleges and universities, has also published articles in distinguished journals in her field.

Shay Teitelbaum

Shay Teitelbaum serves as CFO of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
(SPNI), Israel’s leading environmental non-profit organization. With close to two decades of work experience at SPNI.
He received his BA in economics with distinction from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and his MBA from Bar-Ilan University.
Shay is married to Limor, and as 3 kids they live in Tel Aviv.
Shay together with his sister and a partner founded an NGO “REVADIM” in memory of their late mother DVORA TEITELBAUM, that offers integrative healing programs for women with cancer.
He is a member of the governing council of Budo for Peace, an NGO that works to create dialogue and friendships between Jews and Arabs through joint Japanese martial arts activities.
He is also a board member of the Israeli Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science, And Weizmann vibe the next generation of Israeli friends.

Nir Papay

Nir serves as director of conservation in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. His career with SPNI began shortly after his army service as a guide in the Negev field school in Sde Boker. Nir holds a Master’s degree in environmental policy and planning from the Hebrew University and another one in public policy from the Tel Aviv University. Following a few years in the private sector Nir returned to the SPNI in 1999 to lead the Marine sector in the conservation department. During this time, he led a major campaign to protect Israel’s marine habitats; a campaign that eventually led to official beach conservation laws in 2004. Nir also led the campaign to open all the Sea of Galilee beaches to the public and the campaign to remove the fish cages from the Red Sea farms in Eilat. From 2007 Nir is the director of the Conservation department for SPNI, the department that leads the way in protection and conservation of Israel’s natural habitats. Nir is 56 years young, has 4 children and lives in the village of Hogla.

Merav Dvori–Levy

Merav is the Marketing director of the SPNI, lives in Hertzeliya and has 2 children.
Merav says” Although birds are everywhere, till recently they were strange to me. Only recently, when I started my role at SPNI, have I truly discovered them. I now see the beauty of birds, their fascinating lives, the huge diversity of species and the fascinating work that we invest in so much at SPNI. My first “official” birding trip was only a short while ago to the Hula Valley and the Jordan Valley Birding center in Kfar Rupin. I was truly touched to dive into this new world. I am amazed by the knowledge and professionalism of “our” birders, by their stories and especially by their positive energy. I hope that in my new role I will be able to open the eyes of large crowds that like me, will discover the beauty and richness of birds, and the important role they play in our lives”

Dvora Bonen Volinits

Dvora is the director of Tourism for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Married to Yoav, has two children (Hadar and Amit) and lives in Tel Aviv.
“Running long distances is my way of life”
“My professional career at SPNI is Just like when I run our beautiful natural trails, the planning, path and final result are one.
My professional route includes creating and developing tourism content materials in order to strengthen the nature experience within all aspects of our diverse public: Individual hikers and naturalists, companies, organizations and more.
Even after many productive years I am still moved from the realization that our experiences in nature stir our emotions and generate feelings of involvement, excitement, empowerment and responsibility to the environment.
I believe that the economic success of our NGO goes hand in hand with nature conservation. I am driven by the knowledge that the proceeds of our activities help us do more for the protection of nature in Israel”
Some of the things I love:
Trail running in Israel and around the world, TED presentations about personal development, Sustainable designed environments, the shimmer in the eyes of satisfied clients, Great ideas, Coffee, Sea and the desert!

Nadav Israeli

41 years old, working for Birdlife Israel for 16 years, currently as manager of our projects in northern Israel
Proud to say I’m participating in the COTF every year since it started, most of the years with team Pratincoles (GO Pratincoles !!)
This year I’ll be participating with the SPNI’s management team. I think it’s super important to get the “office people” connected to what’s happening in the field and on the ground, to try together, to better understand the habitats and birds we’re all working to protect.
Hope to raise awareness and FUNDS to Help the magnificent Steppe Eagles
feeling luckey and privileged to work for Birdlife Israel and SPNI