The Shameless Twitchers

This year we decided to go for a whole new concept – On-race twitching! So if we do not win, at least our own private lists shall grow…

But this is just one side of the deal. We want to be extremely active on all the media fronts, keep other teams up to date in real time, and post a lot of helpful tips even if the birds are not real rarities. While striving to reach a high score, we also intend to be the “Race-angels”…..

Meet the Team:

Eldad Golan

A desert dweller, veteran of the race, with a passion for all things in nature, and birds in particular. Photographer, writer, field guide, and the list goes on and on.

Ohad Binyamini

24 years old, lives in Ofra and works as a guide at the SPNI’s Ofra field-school. An active birder for over ten years.


Our mystery man, the desert shaman, snake whisperer, field master…