The Wrens

The Zaitlin family team of Jerusalem is back in the game!
After the disappointment from last year we considered to take a break from the race, but eventually we decided to participate with the intention to enjoy and see some good birds and most importantly to help protect the Red-Breasted Geese! See you in Eilat!

Meet the Team:

Assaf Zaitlin

28 years old, computer science & biology student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I started birdwatching in 2019 and since then managed to watch spectacular animals in israel and around the world. It will be my third COTF race and I hope it will be a great one.

Klil Zaitlin

19 years old from jerusalem, Birds and nature are my biggest passions and I travelled all around Israel searching for animals and flowers in the last 15 years. Last year I volunteered at the Eilat Birding Center and I hope to continue engaging in nature conservation after the army. I haven’t missed a single COTF race and I am delighted to participate once again in this amazing event.

Avner Zaitlin

56 years old, a software engineer. I always loved birds and nature but together with klil I explored israel all over in search of birds in the last decade. I participated in 4 COTF races as a driver and now it will be my 3rd one as a full participant.